California Vacation: Behind the Scenes

Daddy isn't so great at playing trains yet...
good thing he has an especially patient audience.

Max is talking SO much lately.
While we were in California he FINALLY learned how to say Zoey.
He is so cute. And smart. And handsome.

Crazy little girl.
We sure love her!!

California Vacation: Sea World!

Maxers loving the play pit!

Notice all the attention this little girl is getting from all the boys!
The first boy is following her around copying her every move...
and then notice the slight altercation between her and the second little boy.
Take note because...

it resulted in Zoey Noelle Perrenoud's very first KISS!
It must have a good one because it wasn't their last.
Zoey kept tracking this little guy down for more smooches!
That is an apology.

California Vacation: Plane Ride

The first 5 minutes of being on the plane.

February Videos

Sorry! There were only a couple of good ones this month! But they are REALLY good!